Saturday 31 January 2009

Sweet As Honey

Well I have had a really exciting day. I have been off work for over a year now, suffering with a very bad back. I had injections in my back at the end of last year and they have just started working a little bit, so I took my little car out for a drive, its first drive in about 15 months! I managed to get us all to Windsor and back without killing anyone so I am very pleased with myself!!

I played around with my Smirk papers when I got back and put together this little design. I just LOVE these papers, they are sooo cute! It hasn't really photographed that well, it must be the pale colours; either that or I'm not taking it in the right light (no, it couldn't possibly be my fault!) It was a very quick make.

The papers are gorgeous but I think they are made for scrapbooking more than cards because there is very little space to create around the printed images. On this one all I did was cut an 8 x 8 sheet in half, sticking it onto a base card. I then cut out the girl again and overlaid the original image using foam pads. I cut out some more of the green dotted paper which I stuck to the top so that it mirrored the paper at the bottom, and finally I added a glittery tag which I attached with ribbon. Voila, a very quick cute card for someone! PS - Natasha has already picked about 5 or 6 sheets that she wants, I knew that would happen. As she gets older she is getting into cardmaking more and my supplies are depleting far too fast for my liking :o)

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