Friday 15 May 2009

Please hang in with me, I will be back soon!

Hi everyone

Well the saga is nearly at an end! We have had numerous people out to look at the problem with the tree and FINALLY an aerial company came out and said they could just put an extended aerial up. We were SO pleased because if push had come to shove we just couldn't have cut down any of the tree. It would be wrong. Apparently according to Sky we now just have to wait for the phone line to be installed and then broadband will follow. Talk about a marathon exercise. It's been a catalogue of errors! How it can take this long to sort out such a simple problem in this day and age I don't know, but anyway there is finally light at the end of the tunnel!

I have been trying to upload some cards, but it's impossible with this 3g stick, it just times out and crashes! It's incredibly frustrating :o(

I seem to have upset one of my followers which I'm really sad about. Hopefully once I'm up and running properly they will join me again. I thought about doing general postings over the past couple of weeks but I'm sure everyone is more interested in cards, and not in what I'm up to on a daily basis lol

I hope you're all doing really well. I'm going to try and start commenting on your fab designs, if my stick can cope with it! I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful creations.

Hope to be back blurfing properly again soon. I really miss you all xx

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