Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Season’s Greetings… already? Really??!

Hi there.  Am I the only person that isn’t ready for Christmas yet?  I’m sure it’s months away, isn’t it?!

I thought I’d better start making some Christmas cards before it arrives, so here’s one I made earlier..
My bestie was over when I made this.  Oh boy, talk about laugh ourselves silly, it was just one of those mornings, we had an hilarious time catching up!

I created this for my blog post over at Make the Day Special so pop on over there for all of the details.

Apparently it’s 4 weeks today to Christmas so you’d better get started on yours too!

Have fun!


  1. Lovely Christmas card Ruby :)
    Kate x

  2. SOOOOOOO cute, Ruby! I love those papers!! And that little birdie is the cutest! You rock:) Miss you!

    ps....let's put something down for Monday next week for Skype??? I'm free 8-4 our time!!! If that doesn't work....I am also available from 6-10pm our time on Wednesday! Let's set something up!! HUGS!

  3. RUBY!!! How the heck are ya, girl! I'm still randomly stumbling across blogs I used to follow before my laptop was stolen (and with it all my bookmarked blogs!) I've missed you! Awesome card!


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