Saturday, 6 February 2010

Got butterflies?!

Good afternoon!   My goal of blogging a few times a week didn't quite happen, but I'm here now!

So, here is my card for today.  I saw the Fall to Layout sketch #76 over at Clean and Simple Stamping and had every intention of entering in the week, but you know how it is, life takes over!   I think I've actually missed the closing date/time, and can probably only just scrape through with the amount of stamping that's on it, but anyway here it is...

I love the Amy Butler papers that I've used, and isn't that little die cut butterfly oh so cute!  I was really pleased how this card turned out.  I have to say it does look better in real life though, my photography doesn't really do it much justice lol.

I have been playing around a little with my camera.  When it comes to photography I am a complete novice.  I am one of those people that wants a nice photo but I don't want to spend loads of time trying to get it!!  I'm too impatient.  I want to make cards, not have to think about what light I need for this, or what angle for that, etc. etc.  I really wish I could muster up more interest for it, because I see how other bloggers take amazing photos, but it just doesn't do anything for me!  What I'd like is for someone to set up my camera for me so that I can point and shoot.

I think my photos are a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit better now, but I still have a long way to go.  I've just got the Photoshop for Dummies book to see if I can get the hang of it all :o)   As you will see from my picture today I have shadows, this is the next area that I need to work on.  A bit like me, it's all a work in progress lol

My title came about because I seem to have some kind of butterfly bug thing going on.  As you've probably noticed I don't generally make many cards with butterflies but I just felt the need this week!  Here is my second card, I didn't make it for any challenges, it's just one I made up for a friend that's poorly.  I thought it might brighten her day.   I found this sheet of blue and brown paper at my local craft shop and wanted to make something up with it.  More importantly do you like the ribbon detail, shown below?  I bought a little ribbon hole punch, oh about a year or so ago, and came across it the other day, realising I had not used it once, so thought I would play!  I was really pleased at how neat it made the ribbon look.  Yay, another 'shop in my studio' moment, don't you just love them?!!

How has your week been?  I've had to be Florence Nightingale again, my little princess has had a terrible cough so we ended up at the surgery, and it seems she has asthma, so two inhalers later and no cough!   If only we'd known!

We are planning to watch a film tonight, and then I am going to make Ian endure Casualty later this evening.  I do love my hospital dramas lol.  Then tomorrow it's 24 and Desperate Housewives.  With that and card making, what more could a girl want?!

I will edit this post later with the deets on the card, until then have fun and I'll be back soon with some more bits to share.  Valentine's day cards are the next things on the list :o)


  1. Wow! These are both fabulous!!

  2. Utterly butterfly scrumptious :0) Poor Natasha too, it's funny you should say that tho as I have had a really bad cough for weeks and thought it best to finally pop to see doc and it turns out it was my asthma, which had up untill now been mild but now I need another inhaler, so I totally understand how she feels poor love, sending big hugs, hopefully she will be feeling much better in a day or two once the inhalers kick in!
    Hugs xxx

  3. WOW'za girl... FABALICIOUS cards!!! I just love your Clean and Simple style... :) And butterflies are on my FAV list lately. Must be we want spring to come soon... :) Your cards are looking so cute on every post you make. Enjoy your day... SMILES!! :)


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