Sunday 23 August 2009

Wild Thing

Happy Sunday!

As promised here is today's card for the Corrosive Challenge Blog #26, 'Welcome to the Jungle'. I really enjoyed making the card for this week's challenge. I thought I would try and do a scene. I don't often do them, but I came across one of Natasha's little pack of stickers so asked if I could 'borrow' it. Well, she does that to me all the time so it's only fair I get to do it back every now and again, don't you think?!

For this card I cut a rectangular piece of dotted glitter cardstock and using my Martha Stewart punch I cut a green strip to stick along the bottom border. I then cut out a frame using my Nesties and backed the gap with some stripey glitter card just to give a different effect. I stuck on the lion and palm tree stickers and then cut out some extra branches using my 'Tulip Dance' cutter. (if you look at my last posting you will be able to see that the leaves are from the same cutter). All I did was cut some pieces out of them to make them look a bit more jungle like. Now, I am SO not a jungle kind of girl, much more a five star hotel with a hot bubble bath, so please go with it if they're nothing like jungle leaves lol. I cut out a couple of red dots to add a bit of colour on the leaves. I then attached the little 'Wild' brad using a piece of string and then stuck another little brad with the word 'Adventure' in the bottom left corner. To finish I added a plastic sentiment plate which I tied ribbon through, again to bring in some colour, because it was all a bit green!

Natasha and I went out for a coffee and cake yesterday, just us girls because Ian has been poorly, and afterwards we went into one of the little gift shops before heading home. I was looking at one of those little handbag hooks/holders, have you seen them? They look like this, you can get loads of different versions of them. Anyway, I haven't quite made my mind up if they are trendy or old fashioned, but I would really like one. I hate putting my bags on the floor when I'm out. So, we were looking through a basket at them and each was £9.00. I decided I wasn't keen on any of the patterns there so we headed home. As we were walking back to the car Natasha said to me, 'we need to get ones we like, that would have been £18.00 if we had bought those ones'. Umm, at what point had I said I was getting one for her too?!!! I think this is now the age where it starts getting VERY expensive lol. Anyway, I quite like the idea of this one that I found on line here, what d'ya think?

I'm going to have to grab the packet of sticky things off Natasha to find out all of the details for the card, so if you would like them just drop me a line. I'm off to get my forty (or more hopefully!) winks. Sweet dreams x

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