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Some Wedding Photos

Hi everyone, it seems like forever since I blogged.  Today I don’t have any projects for you, just far too many photos of our special day!  I will be back soon though with a project for a mini blog hop over at Paper Issues.

Our wedding was absolutely perfect in every single way.  It was a tiny intimate affair. We’ve both been married before so all of the usual wedding hype wasn’t necessary, we just wanted something really simple to celebrate us getting married. 
I only had one disaster, where I knocked the head off the rose of my bouquet.  That doesn’t sound that dramatic but seeing as I only had three roses in total it was quite a problem.  Stamping Up ribbon to the rescue and a few pins and ta-da bouquet fixed!

My lovely Marmie wishing me all the best before the big day.
We literally stopped the traffic on the way to the registry office!  The main road was so busy we had to get the traffic stopped for me to get there. We arrived a bit late but Ian knew I would turn up I’m sure!

The ceremony went really well, I was much more nervous than I thought I would be so was relieved when I was allowed to hold Ian’s hand to say my vows.
A photo of some of the family; a rare picture with little Robert, our page boy grandson, actually being caught on camera before he runs off.  Isn't he the cutest?!

Doesn’t my princess look adorable, very Audrey Hepburn?!! 
Thank you to all of the McGuires for welcoming me into your family. 
Ian with my new stepdaughters!
After the ceremony we went back to the Old Mill House for afternoon tea served with Choccywoccydoodah cake.  
We had two butterflies (you can only see two here though) and one dragonfly added to the cake for Natasha, my daughter, and Ian’s two girls, Sabrina and Charlotte, my new step-daughters.  Ian wanted to have two red shoes on the top of the cake for my ‘Ruby 2 Shoes’.  In one shoe Ruby 2 Shoes was written inside, the other the number 210.  The number 210 is really significant to us.  It pops up all over the place for some reason, really weird, so we thought we would have it in the other shoe to symbolise ‘two people, one love, no doubts’.  The roses were done darker to match the Baccarat roses in my bouquet and we (ok, I) wanted sparkle everywhere!

We had so many people doing special things for us it’s hard to know where to start with a thank you list, but the girls that were helping Fi, our very special friend, with the catering, Tara and Chris, had added in a few special extras.. the first being some embroidered aprons with ‘Ian & Ruby’s Do’ badges for them all to wear. 
They then tied our cake knives/slices with big ruby coloured ribbons to match my dress and decorated the tables with the same materials.  When we got back from the ceremony they had also tied some of our remaining roses to the bridge with some more fabric.
IMG_3371Just gorgeous!

Our photographer, Jeanine, was fabulous.  I don’t know if I’ve ever said but I hate my photo being taken!  I only have a few rare pictures that I really like, so a day like a wedding is a day to be dreaded in my book lol.  We felt like the paparazzi were there, such jaw ache lol.  Jeanine really made us relax and just enjoy the day, she has taken some gorgeous photos.  I even got a few taken of Lulu, well she had to be in on the day too, didn’t she!  Ian’s Dad also took hundreds of photos too so we have them to look forward to.  Ian’s Mum says there are some fab ones, so I may even bore you with a few more at some point lol.
and this one, three generations of hands… My Mum, Tinks (aka Natasha) and me..
We managed to get a sneak peak of our wedding photos at the airport on the way out to Italy for our honeymoon, I asked if Dixons would let us look at them on one of their pc’s.  Cheeky, but you have to don’t you lol.  Thanks Dixons!! When we got home though we couldn’t get the memory stick to work and a lot of the photos got corrupted.  Fortunately, our photographer has a backup on her pc.  Phew!

She also took this picture of some of the craftiness of the day which was in the collection of photos, such a lovely surprise..
Early evening was when the food and speeches commenced, with Ian’s brother Aaron, giving a fabulous best man speech.  You never know what is going to come up with speeches, do you?  Aaron did us proud. It was such a pity that Ian’s other brother, Martin, wasn’t able to be there with his fiancee Angela.  Let’s hope we can catch up with them soon.
The celebrations went on until late evening when we sat in a beautiful candle lit garden and the boys set up a fire.  Ian’s Mum made up candles for us, she has her own little company Vandles Candles, you should check them out!  They smell so yummy.

Here is a picture of my dress, with us standing by the smoking fire!  It was funny watching the guys being all manly getting a fire going while us girls watched on.
IMG_3422We finally collapsed into bed in the early hours of the morning with just a few hours to spare before leaving to set off for our honeymoon.

Our biggest thanks have to go out to our friends Fi and Malc
FILE311who hosted our very special day.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  They worked so hard to get everything just right.  What wonderful friends we have.  We had our wedding in Dorset, at their beautiful Old Mill House… Their grounds were just so very pretty for the photos..
One of their friends even came out and decorated the arch for us the day before the wedding. 
The Old Mill House with the beautiful river..
We have felt so blessed with beautiful cards, gifts and wedding wishes from all over the world, it’s been incredible.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make our day so special.  We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together now.
What a day!  I would live it over and over again, it was perfect!  I love my Mr McGuire!


  1. Congratulations to you both! Lovely photos- glad it all went swimmingly. See you soon sweetie
    Jill x

  2. Great photos Ruby! Looks like everyone had a great time. I love your beautiful dress - the color is so pretty!

  3. Congratulations Ruby!!! You looked so lovely on your wedding day and such a dapper guy. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Hugs.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wedding photos, Mrs. McGuire!! Congrats to you and Ian! Best wishes!

  5. Helooo Mrs McGuire. It was a perfect day hope you're both happy together for ever and ever. At last I have the daughter I always wanted. Xxxx love you both lots and Ian you have made us so happy marrying Ruby. Xxx. Your new mum. Xxxx

  6. Oh Ruby your photos are fabulous, and you both look so happy! Congratulations to you both, thanks for sharing your pics of your special day. Your dress is beautiful, and your cake is (was!) amazing! Natasha does look very elegant and so grown up too, what a wonderful day you all had.
    Can't wait to catch up over a coffee or two, xxx

  7. Congratulations Ruby. FAB photos...Love ♥♥♥ your dress. S x

  8. super ginormous congrats and FAB pics!!!

  9. So beautiful! Congratulations!

  10. Congrats, Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look stunning! Your dress is FABULOUS! I love the dark color--and I LOVE the pic of all hands!!! Beautiful pics of the wedding---love love love the family photo! Tinks looks BEAUTIFUL just like her mom! I am so happy for you and Ian--and the whole family! Wish I was there:) HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!! Congrats!

  11. Wooow, Ruby, that looks like a super amazing day! You both look stunning and so happy. Looove the cake!!! Tink looks so adorable - I am so happy for you guys!
    Love to both

  12. Huge congrats Ruby to you and your new hubby and family. Fab photos of what looks to be a fantastic day. Glad to hear it went off so well. Love that choccy cake... what an amazing creation. Does it feature in one of their tv episodes????? Congrats and best wishes.

  13. What stunning pictures! You both look so happy and content, lovely surroundings, good friends, happpy family, sounds and looks like the perfect day, congratulations and much love. Oh, and I for one would love to see more pics ;-)
    Hugs xx

  14. What stunning pictures! You both look so happy and content, lovely surroundings, good friends, happpy family, sounds and looks like the perfect day, congratulations and much love. Oh, and I for one would love to see more pics ;-)
    Hugs xx

  15. Oh, Ruby! These pictures are stunning! You look absolutely perfect! What a special day and beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing with us! We've been thinking about you lots! Hugs!

  16. Ruby, I am so GLAD i had time to pop over and see these LOVELY wedding photos! You, my Dear, are just GORGEOUS! And you and Ian together just look so HAPPY! LOVE how BEAUTIFUL Tink was in her dress - did you make those flowers?? And the story about the items on your card made me get teary eyed! It is all so PERFECT! You also inheritied some pretty step daughters, too! THX for sharing! We would all LOVE to see more!

  17. Ruby you look fab I love the red dress and you both look so happy. Best wishes to you both Penny xx

  18. Wow! It all sounds & looks as great as it was! Well done. Big hugs from Dorset x Jeanine x

  19. Oh congratulations looked beautiful and love the color of your dress! Fab cake and everyone looks so very happy! I'm thrilled for you and wish you both many, many years of joy and happiness together!


  20. CONGRATS Ruby!!! It looked like a very happy and lovely day for you all!!! Cherish your life together always and never... ever... ever... forgot how very happy you were on your wedding day... it will get you through more than you can imagine!!! HUGS & Best Wishes for a GRAND life together!!! Tina

  21. Beautiful pictures Ruby. You all look so wonderful. Love your dress, such a pretty color. Congratulations! Hugs, Brook

  22. What beautiful pictures. YOu look the picture of loveliness. Everyone looked wonderful and your colours were so lush and really set the mood for an intimate wedding. Thank you for sharing these and I hope to see more. Congratulations hun!!

  23. Ruby and Ian congratulations to you both. Everything looks so wonderful for your wedding. Ruby you are just so beautiful and Ian you are so handsome. I'm so happy you both had a awesome day and everyone was so happy. Wish all the happiness in the world for the both of you.
    Hugs, Patricia

  24. Congrats Ruby! Your pictures capture the beauty and magic of your special day!
    Marie XX

  25. Ruby

    Congratulations to you both, it looked like all your plans came together as your photos look so lovely. I especially loved the Choccywoccydoodah cake!! Hope your all well! Lots of love Donna and Luke (Fi's family) xxx


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