Sunday, 5 April 2009

I've packed my craft stuff :o(

Hi there

I had to pack my craft stuff today. I hung on as long as I could but I really needed to let it go today!! It was so hard, I feel lost knowing I can't make anything for a bit now. Does that make me some kind of addict? Oh no, not another addiction, it's bad enough with the chocolate and the coffee :o) Still it's all good, not long now and we will be at the other end unpacking and getting life back to normal. As normal as it ever is for us that is, we always seem to have dramas going on. Are your lives like that? We don't invite it, it just happens lol

So Ian emptied the loft today. Oh my goodness, what a load of toot there was!! I haven't been up there once in seven years, no word of a lie, so I knew there wouldn't be much that I wanted!!! Well all sorts came down, LOADS of papers from when I studied for my degree in HR, like I'd ever need them again! There were about 10 boxes of Christmas decorations, old baby stuff - a carrycot, pushchair, changing mat, baby bath. Natasha is NINE, why on earth have I kept all that stuff for so long!!! There were about 40/50 floppy discs, does anyone actually remember using them?! Then there were a few videos, hmmm. Oh yes, and 4 drawer boxes full of old computer CD's going back to the late 90's. The best thing I came across were the old knitting patterns from the 80's. Wow, they were funky....NOT!! Some of them were hilarious, I wouldn't be seen dead in any of those designs now. I also found a beauty article showing how to do the perfect make up for work, you should have seen the size of the mobile phone, it was like a brick...literally! It's funny looking back on things from the past, things change over the years, but you don't actually realise how much until you take a journey back through time. I've now decided that our loft in the new house will contain hardly anything. Honestly, I think we had more boxes in the loft than in any other room in the house, it's madness :o)

So today I have a little card to share that I made for a friend of mine, the paper kind of talked for itself and was too pretty to do much with so I just worked around that. It's one of my favourite papers from Basic Grey. I normally love working with colour but for some reason I love this one. I'm not sure if you can see in the picture but I stuck on some little swarowski gems that really catch the light. I even managed to take the photo in daylight for a change and my white looks white!! Yay!!

Oh by the way we checked up on our internet connections at the new house last night and apparently there is a problem with the transfer (surprise surprise!) so we might not be able to get broadband on straight away when we get there, that's going to kill me not being able to blog!!! So, if you don't hear from me I promise I WILL be back as soon as I can :o)

Take care and keep up the fab designs. I'm looking forward to looking at all of those beautiful cards/projects when I'm back on line ♥


  1. Sounds like you had a fun trip down memory lane. So, how much of that stuff from the loft (attic?) will make it to the new house?

  2. I know we keep loads of c**p in the loft ! It must have been fun looking through it all tho ! When we moved into this house the old couple who had lived here had been here since it was built (195o's) and there was a few old news papers lining pipes etc from when princess Di ws still a princess! great to look back on,
    Anyway good luck and speak soon, Hugs S.J. xx

  3. I'm so glad things are rolling along, but NO FUN not having your card making goodies to play with! Isn't it fun looking through old stuff that's been packed away and forgotten about!! And yes, the "floppy discs" I remember... LOL!! Super adorable card Ruby and I'll be popping in from time to time to see your next beautiful creation!! Good luck with the move... :)

  4. Hope all goes well with the move, Ruby! I had a great laugh about your over stuffed loft! Isn't that what happens to all of us who stay in one place for any length of time?

    This card is great! I did click on the image to see the crystals you added. Very classy!

    Hope you will be back in the land of blog soon.


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