Tuesday 14 December 2010

Etsy Inspired Challenge #118

Hey there everyone, how are you all? Did you have a good weekend?

We went over to Winchester for a Christmas market, I just love the atmosphere there, it's wonderful. It was cold, but not so cold you don't enjoy it! We got most of our Christmas shopping done. I'm at the stage now that I think I'm nearly done, but I'm starting to wonder who I've forgotten! I hate that!!

Today's card is a bit of a break from Christmas!  Sometimes you need a bit of a break, don't you think!  I'm not Christmassed out yet though :)  When I saw the Etsy Shop that EIC were featuring I immediately thought of this beautiful patterned paper. It really does all of the talking for you!  What beautiful pieces, stunning!  These were the actual pieces that inspired this card.

Using an idea I got over from Lawn Fawn for circular cards I decided I'd make one.  This was so simple to make.  I just die cut two circles in cream, scored the back (see Lawn Fawn for details on that!) and then added a piece of patterned paper across 2/3 of the circle.  Before sticking that down I wrapped some turquoise ribbon around it, and then I added another 1/3 of patterned paper which I'd turned on its side for interest.  Finally I stamped celebrate, inked the edges and that was it. 

I had a fantastic parcel arrive in the mail yesterday.  As you may remember I had my very first card featured in Cards in July ..  and I had been waiting to see a copy of it in print, well it finally came in yesterday!  Wow, it felt absolutely great to see it in that magazine.  It's always been one of my favourite magazines for inspiration.  We used to be able to buy it over in the UK, but I can't seem to get it anywhere now :o(  I may have to order it from the US, but it takes so long to get things over here, and although I like online viewing there still is nothing quite like sitting with a mag in your hand, curled up on the sofa drinking a cuppa!

Well that's it from me today.  Happy cardmaking, Christmas shopping or whatever it is that you are doing!


  1. Love how your card just lets that beautiful paper design sing ... lovely Etsy Inspired Card.

  2. Ruby, both cards are absolutely outstanding! So delicate, elegant and feminine.... LOVE them! Congrats on being printed, well deserved ;)) xx

  3. Stunning card, Ruby!! Congrats on the new DT with us at Etsy Inspired! Looking forward to seeing your work from this blog!!Congrats on your pub!

  4. GORGEOUS card Ruby! Its so beautiful!

    And congrats on your pub! And congrats on being a part of the new EIC DT!

  5. Beautiful circle card, Ruby! And big congrats on the pub, too!!!


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