Thursday, 14 January 2010


Hi there

I was hoping to post this yesterday but it never quite happened with working.  It's not a card this time, but a mini scrapbook by Natasha.  I do have a card to share with you today, but I am just about to serve dinner so will post it on here a bit later.

As we have been hit quite badly with snow the schools were shut here, and Natasha's school had set her a project;

1. Write how to make a snowman
2. Write about Christmas Day
3. Write words that she might think about when she hears the word 'snow'
4. Go on the school website to look up loads of links 'n' stuff
5. Do a scrapbook

She decided to make a scrapbook which showed how to make a snowman and some words.  This is what she made;

Isn't it gorgeous?!! We worked on the little Haiku poem together. Haiku is Japanese poetry.  We've never attempted Haiku (by the way I had to do a google search to see how you pronounce the word lol - it's 'hi - coo') so go easy on us if you happen to be a Haiku expert!! If you've never heard of it, here is a link that tells you all about it! On reading it I have realised that we haven't even done it right, but at least we gave it a go lol.

The picture of Lulu (our little Bichonpoo) was after her having a mad session in the garden.  She came in looking like her leg was in plastercast!  She just tears around the garden in the slow, she loves it.  Such an imp!

Well I hope my waffling on hasn't bored you into a coma, and I look forward to sharing something with you a bit later.


  1. What a darling project. Your daughter is very talented!

  2. What a clever girl you are. Such lovely ideas for your Snowman Project and beautifully put together. Keep up the good work as I will be looking out for more inspiration from

  3. Wow, my little princess is SO creative!! Well done sweetie xx

  4. i think your little girl is very talented and she should be proud of it!!!

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